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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Aug 12, 2014 9:46pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Looking for "Guiding Light" episodes from 1953

I am looking for an episode or episodes of radio soap opera "Guiding Light" from 1953 with the commercials for Duz still intact. I need such in good sound quality for use in a YouTube project I'm working on (note: by "good sound quality" I mean decent encoding. I don't mind of the record is a bit static-y, just as well as it doesn't have that horrible "under-water" sound).

Any help would be much appreciated.

If anyone manages to upload any, please let me know on the classic TV board, as I don't visit this forum very often.

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Poster: Harry Wilson Date: Aug 16, 2014 11:22pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Re: Looking for 'Guiding Light' episodes from 1953

Hello, Emperor; welcome back to our side of town. Did you know about this page? No 1953, but lots of Duz commercials.

I did a quick scan on a few episodes through the list, and they all seemed to have a Duz opening, a full Duz commercial at about the three minute mark, and a fairly long closing Duz commercial at about 12:30, making it a true 'soap opera'.

As for the dates, most of the post-1940s Guiding Lights don't have dates on the mp3s, although they usually have episode numbers. Unfortunately, the highest episode numbers on The Archive are in the high 800s, and by the time they got to the high 900s they were giving away brand new 1951 Fords, so none of these were from 1953. These episode numbers are on most of the shows on the page at the link above.

I believe most of these shows come from undated transcriptions made by the advertising agency connected with the show (the OTR bible RadioGOLDINdex lists them as 'Compton Advertising transcriptions').

Since RadioGOLDINdex is as close as you'll get to a complete list of radio shows that still exist, and they only list a couple of shows higher than episode 1000, I'm afraid it's not likely that you'll come across one from 1953. They do list episodes 1799 and 1800 as being in existence, so there is some faint hope; assuming 5 episodes per week, 260 episodes per year, they could be from late 1953 or early 1954.

Here's a direct link to the RadioGOLDINdex page for The Guiding Light, with plot summaries:

P.S. Just for the record, I did check all my usual OTR sites, with no luck.

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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Aug 17, 2014 12:32am
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Re: Looking for 'Guiding Light' episodes from 1953

Thanks for the reply. It's a shame the 1953 episodes are lost.

Speaking of long commercials, I've noticed that daytime TV has always had more minutes of advertising than prime-time TV. Was this also the case with old time radio? (that is, daytime having more advertising than prime-time?)

I've got a few of those "singles and doubles" to listen to, but I keep putting it off until later. I should try to listen to them tonight.

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Poster: Harry Wilson Date: Aug 17, 2014 1:59am
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: Re: Looking for 'Guiding Light' episodes from 1953

I'm afraid you've stumped me on the question of daytime vs. evening show commercial times; perhaps someone more knowledgeable about daytime radio can wade in with an opinion. I can tell you that many of the breakfast-time radio shows were essentially feature-length commercials for the sponsor.

It's also hard to say exactly how many minutes were devoted to the sponsor in many evening shows, particularly comedies like Jack Benny and Burns & Allen, as the sponsor's plugs were integrated into the script. Benny let his sponsors write the opening and closing commercials, but insisted that his own writers be allowed to create the middle commercial, as part of the show.

An excellent example of this can be heard in a clever reworking of the Ink Spot's hit song 'If I Didn't Care', with new lyrics plugging Lucky Strike cigarettes. It's on this page, #7 in the player:

By the way, I added a post on the Classic TV forum, telling you about my response on this forum. Since you posted about Vincent Price recently, I also mentioned another Price television performance, as well as a Jack Benny radio show of the same script: